A blog dedicated as an open diary to the world. A safe place to vent thoughts, feelings and creative ideas, where everyone can see it and all sense of privacy is hidden away (…..wait…. I fear I may have missed the point of a diary). Regardless, welcome to the wacky, wonderful, chronically ill mind of a Zebra warrior in the day to day running’s and working’s out of the chaos that I, like so many others, call life. Follow me on my ‘journey’ (barf) of becoming a healthier and happier person; of a lot of love, plenty of laughter and unfortunately some pain.

My hopes in creating a space like this, in which I can word vomit whatever comes to mind, I will hopefully provide some support for others like myself, and to help educate those who have no idea what it is like living with chronic and sometimes debilitating illnesses.

Even if nobody reads this blog at the very least I have a space in which my own chaotic and sometimes overwhelming thoughts can be voiced, because who doesn’t love sharing ones deepest darkest thoughts with millions of strangers over the internet.

” Everything will be alright in the end, if it’s not alright… then it is not yet the end. “

Deborah Moggach